Sony a7 Long-Term Resale

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Re: Sony a7 Long-Term Resale

I'm also interested in the A7 body and have been checking prices on ebay; right now you can get it for about $1300 new, and by the end of October when the manufacturers exhibit their new cameras, you'll probably find it used for around $1100.  I don't think that's really a reflection on the quality of the camera- I'm not convinced Sony's resale value holds up as well as either Canon or Nikon.

The Nikon D600 which I consider its closest competitor is still around $1500 used, probably because the body can take virtually every Nikon lens manufactured.  Unfortunate that Sony never did bring out enough lenses for the A7 which I think hurt sales.

When I spoke with a salesperson at B&H he told me they had a warehouse full of the A7s.  Of course you can use Nikon lenses on the A7 with a converter, but except for the size and weight issue in the A7s favor, the D600 is a slightly better and more versatile camera within the Nikon system.

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