a6000 new owner, confused and still learning

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Re: a6000 new owner, confused and still learning

ViRuS X wrote:

bargainfishing wrote:

So after I bought my a6000 with the selp1650 lens a few hours ago. I still need a lot to learn so hopefully someone here can tell me the best way to approach things.

So you decided to go for the A6000, first of all congrats on your new toy I hope that you will enjoy playing around with it.

Note: Im using kitlens selp1650

1.) How fast does it charge? 310 minutes in the manual or faster?

I really don't know about how long it will take to charge the battery but it's not that important just keep checking every 30 mins or so if it reaches %100 then it's fully charged, it's OK to leave it for few more minutes don't be too specific in this area.

Can you use the camera while connected via usb?

Didn't think of it, why not give it a try and tell us here.

2.) For waterfall photography or slow motion stuff ?

What settings or is the kit enough ?

kit is OK for most types of photography, try searching Youtube for tutorials, you can check this video it's basic and simple all you need is your camera and a tripod (or any type of support to make sure your camera is stable and won't move)


3.) Should I use raw or jpeg? or raw jpeg ?

if you are going to edit photos then RAW is better , you can try RAW+JPEG first and see the difference by yourself on PC.
Personally I use mostly RAW because I like editing my photos in Lightroom (photo editing software)

4.) What is a better lens that this kit one ? Something not that expensive. I saw some lenses in the sony store and it was around 450 usd the cheapest.

Don't buy lenses now, you need to start taking photos after that you will know what type of lens you need in future.
After few months you will find yourself enjoy shooting a specific focal length let's say at 16mm, then you know that you should start searching for wide angle lenses like 16mm pancake or maybe the 10-18mm F4.
Maybe you want more reach, you want to photograph something very far away then you should look for 18-200mm or 55-210mm, don't worry you will know what you need after you start learning photography basics.

  • E mount lenses dont use an adapter right ?

No it doesn't.

I want a better lens that the kit one in the future , something that can do landscape , portrait or even macro. If it improves the quality like 30 to 50 percent the better.

If you want a better quality lens then you should go after primes (the ones without zoom feature)
For portraits you can go for Sigma 60mm 2.8 or Sony 50mm 1.8
For landscape Zeiss Touit 12mm 2.8
For macro Sony 30mm 3.5 or Zeiss Touit 50mm 2.8 Macro

But as I said before don't bother yourself with the next lens just enjoy shooting and after a while you will know what you really need.. Just keep shooting and learning.

>>>> The sony e lenses are more expensive than other brands from canon, nikon or sigma right? But the downside is using an adapter for it?

5.) The sensor, should I clean it from time to time or use the dust shake function? Dude from store told me to use microfiber or cotton lol.

Don't clean it unless there is dust or dirt in sensor, I suggest to go for the store to clean your camera, the sensor is very sensitive.

6.) Bokeh stuff >


I'll give this a try.

Nice shot, try to take the same photo in Aperture priority mode (A on the upper dial), it goes like this :
Turn the dial to A mode
Turn the wheel next to the mode dial and watch the screen (search for the F value and keep it to the lowest value.
Take the shot and watch the difference.
Lets see what you got.

7.) How do you store the camera, put it in the cloth and inside the camera bag ? Or is it fine leaving it in a table or something. I'm worred about dust affecting the internal components.

Just keep the lens attached to the camera or cover the sensor area with a cap, don't let the sensor exposed, it's ok to put it anywhere if the sensor is covered by a lens or cap, better to be in a bag for sure but it's ok to put it on table.

Enjoy your camera and try to learn basics (aperture , shutter speed , ISO) then everything will be easy , wish you the best luck.

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