FE 70-200 f:4 and A7 - sunset and internal reflections

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Re: FE 70-200 f:4 and A7 - sunset and internal reflections

Nordstjernen wrote:

After using the FE 70-200 mm f:4 for a while with the A7, I am more and more impressed with this lens. Excellent build quality, ultra quiet and snappy autofocus, and superior optical quality.

Here are two sunset pictures which shows how immune this lens is for internal reflections with the lens at the long end, 200 mm focal length (so also for shorter foal lengths). When I took the first picture, the sun was way brighter than I normally would hope for when photographing the setting sun. Still the internal reflections is kept to a minimum. For the next frame the sun was a bit less bright, still totally overexposed. there is no internal reflections at all, which is impressive.

I also had to take i pohtograh in the opposite directions with the Voigtländer 21 mm f:4 lens to capture the last sun rays of the day.

FE 70-200 mm at 200 mm and f:8. A very bright and totally overexposed sun, but no internal reflections at all. Impressive.

The same lens when the sun was even brighter. I succeded catching a weak internal reflection, still much less visible than I would expect for a telephoto zoom lens.

Voigtländer 21 mm f:4 at f:8 - the camera was turned to the opposite direction of the setting sun, where the last rays from the setting sun hits the buildings.

I had a chance to compare the A7 and A7r (and my D800) with the same lens the other day and found the A7 had more ghosts with bright light sources than the A7r did.  In fact the A7r was identical in ghosting performance to my D800.  I had a choice between a used A7 and A7r and I went with the A7r for the excellent ghosting resistance (or in this case non degraded ghosting resistance).

Must be the different sensor cover glass or AA filter . . .

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