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Re: Can you elaborate?

Ayoh wrote:

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This is all irrelevant. Packaging and transport methods are pretty standard across the different lens manufacturers. The fact is the 20-40mm is a lens with undemanding optical specifications that is expensive and poorly performing. This is a result of poor engineering. Perpetuating brand evangelist conspiracy theories is just a childish waste of time which reduces the pressure on the manufacturer to improve their products.

Poorly designed?

For example, it can be deduced that when same lens performs differently on different cameras with different sensors, and differently from one batch to another, from one shipment to another, from one box to another, that it is something else involved in its malfunction, and that is not a consistent design flaw. Because if it were true, then it would consistently malfunction, no matter what camera of shipment or box.

So when you correct flawed logic, and think better about the problem, please advise a more plausible answer.

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Yes poorly designed. If the lens is subject to high variation in performance then it is not very robust against expected manufacturing variation or operating conditions. Good engineering accommodates these uncertainties to ensure reliability and robustness. That's why 99.9% of planes don't crash, and why good lenses shows consistent performance across different batches and cameras.. I suspect you are not involved in engineering yourself as your arguments are not accommodating the basic realities of good product design.

I know it's late to reply but this is so true what you wrote that I can't resist. Yes, there are still good engineers/designers, though you find them less and less around you, as with the "globalization" everything is going down hill. In the photo industry you still can find a few companies, which are willing to employ (and pay!) good engineers. Apparently you won't find them in the Pentax lens design team. But it seems like the Zeiss (and of course the extravagant Leica) are still keeping their high standard. I haven't heard that they released a single lemon recently or any time in their long history. And even I belong to modest people I have to proudly admit that I used to be one of such engineers (not optical) My electronic (software) designs are still in a production (by GE) even after 20 years.

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