Did you upgrade from the K-5 to the K-3?

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Re: Did you upgrade from the K-5 to the K-3?

I owned two K-5s. I read about the K-3 and liked what I saw, but was still on the fence. After 5 minutes trying out my friend Jeff's K-3, the deal was all but done.

The initial thing I noticed was the focusing -- quicker, more precise. Then, the lack of the AA filter was clearly visible in the detail shown in the fur of a squirrel I photographed in his back yard.

So I sold one of my K-5's, and bought a K-3. Love it.

Sure, there are extra features, and more capabilities (dual SD, more metering points, etc, as Jeff points out -- all great), but if I were to sum it up, I'd say that the icing on the cake are all the little buggy things about the K-5 that didn't seem perfect are finally right with the K-3. The K-5 was and is a great camera, but a few things -- focusing, flash/metering -- always seemed a bit hit or miss.

My top things:

1. Focusing - faster, more accurate. And, finally, no more back/front focus under incandescent lights. I shot a play recently with almost perfect results. That dead-nuts accuracy for me is make or break.

2. Flash - P-TTL actually works 99% of the time with my 540FGZ flash. Where the K-5 would often overexpose, the K-3 nails it right most of the time. I still tend to use [A]uto some, but I no longer complain about the P-TTL.

3. Speed - Everything seems snappier, though the K-5 was no slouch here.

4. Metering - Much more accurate, especially under crummy situations.

The K-5 was and is a great body, and if it works for you, keep it. I know the BF/FF issues plagued some more than others, for example. Same with P-TTL from what I've heard. Or perhaps you don't use that often.

For me, my plan is to sell my other K-5 and get another K-3. I still have my original *ist-D, which I'll keep for a third body. But the K-3 is in a league of its own, especially for Pentax.

Good luck!

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