Sony RX100 M3 - with EVF extended >>> hideous look!

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Re: Sony RX100 M3 - with EVF extended >>> hideous look!

tbcass wrote:

For me when it comes to photography I could care less what it looks like.

Look at the picture, not the pixels
Misuse of the ability to do 100% pixel peeping is the bane of digital photography because it causes people to fret over inconsequential issues.

Is American English is going off the rails? Phonetic spelling makes sense (eg centre vs center or fibre vs fiber) but the above actually phrase inverses the intended meaning.

The correct phrase is "I couldn't care less" (meaning I don't care at all as I already care less). To say "I could care less" actually make no sense. "I could care means" I do care and then it is followed by the devaluation word less. At best it means I do care but I could care less than I already do.

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