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I bought a Pentax 645D 18 months ago and now have 8 Pentax 645 and 67 legacy lenses. Many of these lenses were very inexpensive to buy. I ran this system in parallel with a Sony a850 camera which I still rate despite its rather dated sensor. The difference in IQ between the Sony and the MF camera was eventually enough to force me to sell my 35mm Sony as the Pentax stood head and shoulders in so many ways above the Sony.  But if my ONLY criterion was sharpness then I may not have sold the FF.

The 645Z is intriguing as it fills all the holes of the 645D (no live view, no video, slow sensor primarily) . This is of course been possible by changing from CCD sensor technology to CMOS.

For myself as a landscape photographer I am more than happy with the lower speed CCD sensor and the sense that the colour rendition in the CCD is more 'analogue' than that of the CMOS.

However for many the restrictions of the CCD  in the 645 D would be an impossible compromise and the 645Z would be the only option for the pro wishing to shoot in low light, do video and have the advantage of live view.

But for me, for serious shooting I will never go back to 35mm .

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