E-P5 firmware 1.5 update - what am I doing wrong?

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Henry Richardson wrote:
Also, what if you aren't at home in front of your computer? I travel a lot. Sometimes I am gone for long periods away from my computer (sometimes even months). With a normal firmware download I often would have the opportunity to use a friend's computer, a computer at an internet shop, etc. to download the new firmware and put it on an SD card, but with the Olympus way a person must have a Windows or Mac computer and it pretty much has to be your own since installing software on someone else's computer is usually not something you will be allowed to do.

Last time I was gone for a month, I took my laptop with me, along with every camera I owned at the time. Lot of stuff, but it was a car trip so I had the space and I had fun using some old digitals. I don't trust outside PC gear. I found dodgy stuff, like spoofed WiFi nets in public areas, and hotel PC's where I could load anything I wanted on my own. Not going to be checking bank and brokerage accounts on those.

I go on road trips sometimes too and I usually have my laptop with me on that type of trip.  That isn't the kind of travel I was thinking about though.  This is more what I was thinking about and what I often do:


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