For me A6000 + 55-210 not good for action

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Re: User error

123Mike wrote:

There are various auto focusing options and combinations possible. If you don't pick the right combinations for the right scene, then you get the problems you're having.

I have the A6000 and 18-105 and 55-210 and I can definitely get consistent good results with it.

I would turn off lock-on-af. For something like this I would try zone focus first, AF-C. Possibly move the zone on notch up.

Another combo is flexible spot, and place on center, make it medium size. AF-S. Then focus and recompose. That'll be pretty much fool proof, so long as when you peg the focus, the subject is indeed under that focus box.

Wide area I would not pick, because it'll focus on whatever is closest, the guy on the left in this case.

Anyway, patience. The camera is perfectly well capable of doing a very good job. It's just that you have to learn what each combination of settings is used for. Master that, and it'll run circles around almost anything else that's out there!

Maybe, but I tried exactly what you said for AF-C for the whole game.  Same results.  Why did it switch back and forth?  AF-S may have worked, but not AF-C consistently.  Maybe it was the camera.  Maybe it was the lens.  Maybe it was me.  I did get many good shots, but I got many more out of focus.

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