Upgrading from Samsung GX20 to K-30 or K-5?

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Polycarbonate toxicity

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Thanks to everyone for your comments. I really like my GX20 butI take long exposures at night. 20 -50 second exposures for Meteor shower photography. 20s exp take 20s seconds processing time. 30sec take 30s and so on. This means 50% down on overall capture time and that is not using RAW files. IT frustrates me.I am middle aged with my best learning years behind me in this photographic Tech race. I can barely keep up with Firmware/ RAW processing / ETC ETC. Just thought that a resale price of a pentax K-30 would be better than a GX20 in 2-3 years.

Now that I know which way your leaning a few honest pros, I don't have any cons...

AA filter, is a cover over the sensor that helps in some scenes keeping very small color distortions low. However at pixel-peeping levels it does slightly filter (you lose) some very fine detail. All dSLRs regardless of cost have been using them for years. Just of late manufactures have been not putting the AA filter (in a few models), or giving the user a choice of AA filter or not. If no AA filter you may have to PP out the color distortion for yourself. The Pentax K-3 is the first and only camera in the world that has a AA filter you can turn on and off. Its just becoming a small selling feature/issue with high greater than 20mp cameras. Its a very small, none real world use feature for a Photographer as you(not gear head nuts like me where 4 has to be better than 3 ).

Polycarbonate versus Mag steel: non-issue, for camera applications its the whole design, chassis, layout,... . You may not build a large high speed rocket with Polycarbonate. However under the stress of drops and bangs Polycarbonate is a superb material for a camera, notebook, auto/body-parts.

It's also somewhat toxic:


ABS plastic would have been a better choice, and has been used in some Pentax cameras in the past.

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