Basic Multiple Wireless Flash System for Canon 70D

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Re: Basic Multiple Wireless Flash System for Canon 70D

Klaus dk wrote:

You might want to take a look at Nissin Di 866 Mk II flashes. Very versatile, eTTL II compatible, solid build and ease of use. Never had any trouble with mine and I have tried to use them in three groups as you describe with my 7D's built in flash as a master.

Yongnuo launched a clone of Canon ST-E3-RT, called YN-E3-RT and was expected to also launch an 600 EX-RT speedlight clone, but it has not yet happened.

There are a huge number of options these days. Everything from compatible flashes that use optical systems to now flashes with built radio receivers like the YN560III and Cactus RF-60 to Mistor+ from Phottix.

Ask your self the first question. Do I want off camera TTL capability or only off camera remote manual power control. Once you decide this there are different alternative.

If you go TTL Infrared that's one approach.  - Canon IR compatible flashes as slaves and 70D as master (Canon 420's, 430's, 550's, 580's, 600's, Mistros, Metz, YN-568's, Godox V806C, etc...

If you go TTL radio that's another approach - Canon RF system or go down another path that adds radio TTL capability to a number of Canon compatible TTL flashes (PW miniTT/flexTT, Phottix Odin and Mistro+ now, others)

If you go radio remote power there are various options - Cactus V6/RF-60, Godox V850/Wistros AD180,

If you go radio trigger only then that's another path - every brand under the sun.

Companies like Phottix, PocketWizard, Cactus, Pixel King, Godox have several different solutions that cover all of these approaches in one form or another.

So Optical or Radio, TTL or Remote Power or Manual, etc..

Hope that helps. or probably confuses you more.

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