Would the G1x MKII be good for me?

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Re: Would the G1x MKII be good for me?

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It depends on your expectations. This is a tough camera to get the most out of, and you may be disappointed with results at first until you get used to it. Furthermore, there are many advanced features that take some getting used to, and especially the interface is not as simple as other Canon cameras. However, if you just want a camera that gives good quality images and are not too picky, the G1XII can surely fit the bill. Or if you are willing to put some time and effort into learning the camera, it can give excellent images.

Well, as I said, my knowledge in photography is rather limited as up until now I have always used the simple canon cameras. I am aware that the G series is a step up or even a big step up from my SX160 IS and I do hope that the fact the camera is more complicated than the simpler PowerShots would give me a drive to mess with it a lot and learn.

I do want a good image quality and I do want to be able to take shots at ISO 800 and up without getting extra noisy pictures. I dont know if I can count on it, but from looking at Imaging Resource ISO shots, it looks like you get good details even even at 3200 not to mention 1200, which is way more than I could get from my SX160. Actually, comparing it to the RX100 III, the G1X II shows better results in higher ISO and I didnt really see much difference in lower ISO either. The flip out screen is something I miss since I had the Canon PowerShot A95 a long long time ago.

You say that the there are many advanced features that take some getting used to, and that the interface is not as simple as other Canon cameras, so I do hope that the extra features and the more complicated interface wont do the opposite and demotivate me, making feel like it was too much for me.

Yeah, if at all possible, try to get your hands on a copy of the camera (or even borrow a friend's) before making a commitment. When I first got my G1XII, I was really having a hard time with it, and I have owned quite a few P&S cameras. I think it took me about a month to get really comfortable with it, and the manual isn't all that good either. I really like the camera now, but that is much after the fact. Without showing you in person, it is hard for me to describe exactly what is hard about the camera's interface, but let's just say it is unlike any other P&S you have ever used.

Now that I have gotten used to the camera though, I can say that it is really a very nice camera so if you put in the effort you won't be disappointed. But these days you can also get a nice camera where the learning curve is easier - only you can decide which is best for you.

Where I live it would be VERY hard to mess with the camera before I buy it. None of my friends have it and stores barely have it it themselves. Basically Im going for it blind. As I said, im not even buying it in my country. Some of the stores have it here but it costs about $1000 here and its just for the camera, even before I had to spend money on a bag and an extra battery, so no way Im paying that amount.  Gonna make a shipment from B&H to a relative of mine in the states and he will bring it with him when he comes here, so even returning it if theres an issue would not be an easy task. So I really REALLY hope I will not be disappointed.

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