Crop Factor. Something to consider when buying a lens when you are shooting other than FF.

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Re: What about medium format or larger?

b0k3h wrote:

36x24mm has been a popular consumer photo format since most tv sets were still black & white :).

now (digital) cameras are price-differentiated on sensor size, but 135 was the film size for every consumer cam for half a century.

Yes and no. 36x24 was standardized somewhere back in the early 1920's by Kodak and first used in Leica camera's in 1924.

What many people actually don't know is that Advanced Photo System (or APS) was introduced in 1996 by Kodak as an alternative to or replacement for the ix240 film format. A format to which Canon, Olympus and Fuji had patents on.

Therewith APS is a derivative of the IX240 film format that was also known as 'halfformat' that had the size of 24x16.7mm.

Those who think that APS was a new format first seen with digitial camera's are wrong.
Its just another film format. With digital the sensor takes the same size of the APS films in which the C refers to classic. That's the reason why crop sensor sizes are also known as APS-C camera's.

However this filmformat (or nowadays sensor size) used in conjunction with FF lenses the image circle is too large for the film (now sensor), to which you will only record that part that is sensitive to light (the film or sensor). That is why you will only see the crop in effect to FF on this film type.

Lots of confusion over... actually nothing new since film.

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