Anybody ever do this ? Felt so stupid...

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Fish Chris
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Anybody ever do this ? Felt so stupid...

So first off, I got all the way to my shooting spot (top of the hill) and realized I forgot my darn reading glasses

Alright, so now I'm hurting. I energize the camera, and at least I could see the big TV on my lcd screen. From there, I knew where stuff was, by placement, and just because I know the choices for these settings, I was able to operate them well enough.

But for some odd reason, my ISO was set at 320, instead of auto like I always use in the TV mode. So I corrected that. Next I noticed that my focus was set to 19 pt ? What ? I almost always use spot focusing in TV, at least as my default. Reset that. Then I see my white balance has went from custom, to daylight ? So I fix that too.... but what the heck ?

I just could not understand why all of my settings had shifted away from what I would almost always (at least lately) use when shooting in the TV mode ???


So I go on and set up the tripod, take a few test shots, then I kick back and relax for a bit. Finally my bird comes around, and I am able to snap 5 or 6 shots, a couple of which might have been pretty good.

I go to view them on camera, and even without my glasses, I could see I had some serious issues.... (well that's always true, but I'm talking about "with my camera")

Suddenly I notice, ALL of my settings have reverted back to the wrong setting again !

Now just what the heck is going on here !?!?

I remembered how the camera would revert back to the original settings "IF" it was in one of the "Custom" modes, and you let the camera go to sleep.

Quickly I glance at my top dial, and DUH !!!! It had been bumped off of TV, to one of the "Custom" preset modes ! Urgggg ! So in spite of the fact my LCD screen showed that I was shooting in the TV mode, I was actually doing so via the Custom preset modes.... which I have slammed for being completely worthless, in the past, as you cannot change these setting on the fly "and have them remain"... at least until you turn the camera off, then back on. Instead, if you don't use the camera before it goes to sleep, all of your "on the fly settings" will revert back to the preset settings.


Lesson learned; If your 7D (not sure about the 70D or others) starts doing stupid stuff (changing settings), all on its own, be sure to make sure you REALLY are in TV, AV, M, or whatever you like to shoot in, and NOT some stupid preset mode, that still says, you are in TV, AV, or M.....

And if you use reading glasses, don't leave them in the car LOL



Another Phoebe IF.... but WAY different settings and technique than I had been using. I used my new tripod, and slowed my shutter speed way down, which of course lowered my ISO big time also.

Wasn't really a fair comparison with my trip before though (using faster shutters / higher ISO's) as I just didn't get near so many good shots to choose from. Otherwise, these settings + my tripod "might" have been as good... better ? ...than the best shots from my last trip.

More experimenting needed.

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