Nikon D610 FX body with Tamron 10-24mm DX Lens...Doubts !!

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Re: Use DX values

TOF guy wrote:

Leonard Migliore wrote:

TOF guy wrote:

Sid2609 wrote:

how to calculate the hyperfocal distance when using a DX lens on a FX body.

Why would it be any different than when using an FX lens ?

I suspect the 10-24 only covers a DX frame,

Good point. I use my 12-24 f4 dx as an Fx lens, avoiding focal lengths smaller than ~16 mm. So I could not quite understand the O/P question.

In any case: if used in cropped mode, calculate hyperfocal as for a DX camera. If used as an Fx lens (as many wide zooms do not vignette the Fx image circle at the tele end) calculate hyperfocal as for an Fx camera.

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In the end you need to know the print size and viewing distance beforehand to make a decision about the needed CoC.

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