Crop Factor. Something to consider when buying a lens when you are shooting other than FF.

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Re: This is an interesting thread, but...

I agree with your considerations... but they actually don't follow mineĀ 

My point is that we're not all pros, and, consequently, we are not all just looking at the highest end of a given tech segment.

The portrait lens example you brought up is just highend, and regards to the mirrorless world, which, being still a niche market, is intrinsically overpriced.

The OP is about FF vs APS-C, translated into the optical parameters of a lens.

My point is that super-shallow capable lenses, despite exciting, are not always needed in real world use (considering that we're not all pros!). So, despite nobody can deny FF is better than APS-C, for some APS-C is just enough.

An APS-C dSLR (not as large, heavy and expensive as a FF dSLR) with a nifty 50 is cheap and can be a very nice portrait setup for an enthusiast who wants not to spend that much

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