Ok Sony. It's time for lenses.

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bluevellet wrote:

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bluevellet wrote:

NeilJones wrote:

We need MORE E-mount lenses.

Why you waiting so long to produce the most important thing for a camera system.

I also have micro four thirds and I'm spoiled with choices.

The panasonic 12-35 and 35-100mm 2.8 are to die for. Why can't you do this for e-mount.

Well, what about an f4 zoom?  That would be equivalent.

Getting frustrated.

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" All you need is love"

That ship has sailed. Sony's too busy creating FE lenses.

Well, FE lenses will work on the APS-C cameras.  My main thought here is that they are expensive.

If you stay with Sony, try to figure out which one of the new FE lenses, with crop factor taken into consideration, would best serve your needs on APS-C (NEX) without breaking your personal budget.

Last year: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/50765800

Let's count:

Yes, we seem to have a good number, now.  Not too many big gaps anymore.  Biggest one might be a 85mm prime, although the Sigma 60mm might do for many.   If the need for something specific were strong enough, the LA-EA2 is not an outrageous suggestion.

....Not counting the FE line, I already see well over $10k in lens choices...

  • How many of these lenses did you actually get?
  • And how many m43 lenses did you actually get? And how many f/1.4 do you actually have?

This is what I wonder -- it's not that anyone is going to actually buy all of these lenses, so it's either something really specific that's missing, or it's to have bragging rights about a lens count.  In this case, I assume that Neil wants f2.8 zooms.

As for f1.4, I question whether or not it really gives you f1.4 performance.  Even on APS-C, reports are that once you start going below f1.8, the advantage is less than expected by the numbers.  I think the feeling is that the increased angle of the light doesn't work so well for digital sensors?  I would guess that the effect is even more pronounced for smaller sensors.

Also strange that you are asking for more zoom lenses, I thought that the comment was 'plenty of zoom'.

Where are the f2.8 zooms?

Personally, I think that the f2.8 zooms I've seen (for DSLRs) are large and impractical for these smaller cameras.  Maybe there is room for an f2.8-f4 zoom or some such, if that would help reduce the size.

I like a medium and long fast OSS tele (85 and 135), and a long zoom (300mm+) - that's about all needed for now in E-mount. I don't expect a fast zoom (too large).

Even a slow 300mm is going to be kinda large, but at least that is expected for a tele lens.  What concerns me is making a normal zoom f2.8.  They need to do it in a way such that it is not too large and heavy.

  • E-mount has zoom from 10-210,

But not f2.8 zoom!  Why bother?  

Although, I think an f4 zoom on APS-C should compare favorably to m43 f2.8 zoom, so this should be good enough to meet Neil's request for something similar to m43 (if he meant including performance).  If he meant that he wants an f2.8 zoom so that Nex can outperform m43 with a zoom, then no, we don't have that.

  • and prime from 10-50.

Prime from 10-60.

  • FE-mount has zoom from 16-200, and prime from 35-55.

Looks like more prime lenses would be preferred...

m43 has more lenses, but not by a single manufacturer, and a large number of lenses either overlap, or are 'older' and have been replaced by 'newer' versions/variants.

Sounds like a lot of lenses, until you probe deeper - lots of (slow) zooms, lots of "non-CDAF optimized" (slow AF?) lenses, etc.

Between A, E, & FE lens lines, Sony is now large lens-line-up producer....

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What lens is Sony releasing for Alpha NEX (APS-C), either this year or the next? Is there a roadmap somewhere?

It's totally warranted to point out no new lenses are planned for someone asking for new lenses, (and not ones already released, the topic would make no sense otherwise unless production of same old lenses had stopped).

It's also fair to ask what, specific, lenses do you want, particularly if the range is already covered?

The suggestion to use FE lenses was already made, but obviously it's not what the OP is really asking for. Nor are Alpha DSLR lenses.

It sounds like what he wants are f2.8 zoom lenses.

But if you asked me what I wanted, I might ask for more budget lenses.  Well, except that I think I have a sufficient number of them now.    But the point is, when someone asks for "more lenses" they really mean more of a certain kind which they prefer, and others may not.  This is why there were so many long debates about the Nex not having enough lenses, even when the numbers started to climb pretty high.  To have a complete range, you need some that are budget, some high-end, some middle-range, some pancake, some zooms, a number of primes, etc.

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