Nikon D4s: Bayer processing breakthru?

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Tom Schum
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Acutance adjustment slider feature for SPP?

Scottelly wrote:

I've got to say, after looking at the word SEYCHELLES on the little globe of the Earth, the first image looks visibly sharper than the second image, as it should, but the second image looks visibly sharper than the third image, from the Nikon D4. I would be interested to see a similar image from the Nikon D4s. I doubt it can beat the image from the much cheaper Sigma SD1 Merrill . . . even though the Nikon is a full-frame camera with the latest technology Nikon can bring to bare (or should I say "Bayer" here?) for their flagship camera.

Impressive set of posts!  I need to get ahold of GIMP because the photoshop elements blur filter does not allow any control beyond radius.

I agree that the unsharp SD1 image from your second post still has better basic sharpness than the D4 image.  I centered my view on the second flower in the queen playing card to the left of the queen.  This gave me a view of the banknote and the fuzzy brown stuff as well.  Also I would have desaturated the D4 shot a little to give an easier comparison, but I do like that snappy Nikon color.

In your first post the unsharp SD1 image does have a sort of bayer look to it though.  Maybe it needs some extensive experimentation to get this exactly right, but the acutance of the Merrills can be the reason many people prefer the bayer renderings.  There is a sort of harshness in the Merrill clarity.

Perhaps some sort of conversion doohicky in SPP would be a worthwhile addition to the sharpness processing.  Something like an "Acutance" slider maybe...

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