New Sony a7s, time to throw the 6D out a window

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Re: New Sony a7s, time to throw the 6D out a window

The A7 family is a tool just like any other camera. I own an A7R and use it along side my 5D III and 1DX.

Currently its the camera I use for Landscape, Macro, and Architecture. Of course I use it with my Canon/Zeiss EOS mount lenses adapted by the Metabones III.

So I put my ZE 21mm, TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II, ZE 100mm Makro, EF 100mm f/2.8L IS macro. Haven't used it with my 16-35L II but I don't use that a lot anyway. Been considering adding a T/S-E 17 or ZE 18mm to this work.

Do have the native E-mount 35mm and 55mm FE Zeiss lenses for it for when its the only camera I bring but for now it fills a niche that hopefully Canon will address. For these cases its nice to get an additional 50% more pixels on the subject. I find the biggest advantage of more pixels is sharping looks cleaner on non sharpened areas. More pixels in transition regions of contrast don't need as much change.

Just one man's opinion

Of course if I hadn't bought it I probably would have the 17L by now.

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