Bower Vs. Other filters.

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Re: Bower Vs. Other filters.

"The big difference" you are referring to is explained in many tests. The link you could not use works for me, here it is again: Best circular polarizer filter: 5 top models tested and rated

You can also open Digital Camera Word site: and search for "Best circular polarizer filter" article.

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Below another link to very thorough series of tests (over 20 filters) done in a proper, scientific and reproducible way, with methodology clearly detailed:

The above is one of the best series of tests I have seen. I am sure that it will answer your specifc question.

Personally, I do see the difference in photos made with low quality and high quality polarizers (in my experience expensive ones are not necessary highest quality).

Combat By Design wrote:

The second link didn't work.

And I understand how they work, and that they may cause an unwanted vignette in the image, but my question is what is the big difference.

I've been shooting with my polarizing filter since last summer, and so far have had lens flare happen once when shooting directly into the sun at dawn one morning, and to be honest I'm not sure I even had a filter on at that point.:

I have 2 Bower filters, and I honestly haven't noticed much loss between shooting JUST the lens, and the filters... which is why I'm questioning the astronomical prices... it's not like they're made out of Crystal.

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