Crop Factor. Something to consider when buying a lens when you are shooting other than FF.

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Re: What about medium format or larger?

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(1) f-stop has always and forever been a primary an element of control for exposure. and only as as secondary or tertiary control for focus depth. when i was a wee lad learning on a pentax k1000 "f stop" was for light. its this way in every elementary book and magazine. hence "sunny 16" or f4 for shade. NOT '16 for landscape' and 'f4 for portrait.'

(2) now then, an f-stop is an INHERENT property of a lens and its design. as is its focal length. all of which are marked properly on every lens from every optics maker ever. and that TRUE f-stop number is imminently valuable as it provides understanding of exposure capabilities. which is the PRIMARY consideration for any shooter --- see #1.

go back to the koolaid line with the rest of the conspiracy theorists

Couldn't have put it any better. I owned a K1000 BTW.

Really pretty sad that exposure is the only thing that you understand as a consideration when choosing an f-stop. And just because it is all YOU understand, does not make it the only consideration for those of us who understand the DOF for artistic purposes. Maybe when you were shooting with your K1000 it was not an issue because almost all cameras with manual exposure capabilities were 35mm and it was a universal principle. But with the varying formats of FF all the way down to PS camera sensors, it can be a HUGE consideration to the LOOK and FEEL of a photo.

read the entire content, and not snippets. dof is a secondary control. blow your exposure and you've got nothing.

f-stop says something about latitude in exposure. dof says NOTHING about the quality of the image in the defocused zone. [some lenses, i simply dont ever want to use wide-open].

there are many ways to achieve what you want in a photo. and a many elements to consider impacting the overall quality of an image.

I did read the entire content.  DOF is very often the PRIMARY control as there are more shutter speeds than 1/250th, or as you stated the Golden rule.  GO TAKE ANOTHER PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS. You don't know as much as you think you do!  The difference between the formats and the OP's point is that you spend WAY more money for less depth of field control by going with a smaller format.  If you can't see the difference then buy a smaller format and continue taking average photos.  But for the rest of us, we are smart enough to see that smaller format cameras such as the APS-C limit creative ability.  You are obviously a "math guy" which is just fine, but for many of us photography is more than just a mathematical equation.

but ahhh.... defocused photos...the great fodder for manufacturers-are-liars conspiracy theorists and internet-photographers who need FF to take pictures of flowers in their garden.......

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