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Re: crop factor on older lenses

hindesite wrote:

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hindesite wrote:

But I never think wow, I'm using a (600mm FF equivalent) when I'm using my 100-300 zoom. I never think that I'm using a 18-36mm FFE lens when using my ultrawide angle Olympus.

You may be in vast minority on that.

I think that is completely wrong.

I'll bet that probably 95% of camera owners do not even know the relationship between focal length and field of view with any accuracy on even one system, let alone are able to translate between systems.

All they know is, this lens will zoom in this far, and if I put this new lens I've just bought on, it makes things bigger. This other lens makes people look fat if they are on the side of the picture (but I can fit a lot in). Last being a true life example.

As someone who shot 35mm film for decades, I do think in terms of 35mm FoV when I think of focal lengths.

I've shot 35mm film for decades, and I now I'm using m4/3 I never do the crop factor calculation in normal usage, ever. I never did crop factor/equivalence when using medium format or view cameras, either.

Today, I own digital cameras with 1", 4/3, APS and FF sensors. So a very quick and easy way of determining what a lens will cover is crop factor.

I agree. Photography, especially at the moment of pushing the button, is a visual art rather than a scientific calculation. It doesn't hurt to be aware, but don't think the general masses could give a hoot. Shooting in large format, a person looks at the ground glass, focuses and shoots Even though most photographers using this kind of equipment are very aware of the principles of photography, at the moment of shooting they aren't comparing to what a 35mm or a Nikon 1 series will do. Sure it's handy, and some what interesting to know but doubt that very few use that knowledge in the act of shooting itself. I know I just become aware of the visual properties in an intuitive way, of the system I'm in when using it.

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