The Sony A7s - Birders' dream camera?

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Re: The Sony A7s - Birders' dream camera?

parallaxproblem wrote:

One would expect least noise from the A7s as it has the largest pixels

After a long discussion on this subject with Jay Ell it would appear that in most cases resizing a high MP sensor image to the same size as a lower MP sensor image will have a very similar noise profile to that shown on the low MP sensor as 'shot noise' is a much more significant component of sensor noise than 'read noise':

This makes one wonder if the 'excellent noise response from low MP sensor' which the A7s is proposing is simply a marketing trick and whether we would get the same results from a 36MP sensor image downsized to a 12MP equivalent

It's quite likely.

I think the point is that larger pixels give less noise out of camera. Applying either downsizing (such as reducing 36 MP to 12 MP) or a more sophisticated noise reduction method (Neat Image or similar) may well give equally good results.

But PP isn't practical for video and many users do not want to spend hours denoising their still images.

The ideal, no doubt, for the richer user, is to own the A7s, the A7 and the A7r, and use whichever suits the situation.

The A7s seems to be primarily for video, but will be good for stills of bands or club/restaurant scenes.

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