When do you think 4K video cameras will be a basic requirement?

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Sean Nelson wrote:

tabloid wrote:

Many Years age the London underground ticket collectors went on strike….so they put a honesty box on each platform ……and about 100,000 people went through, and it collected zero.

Vancouver's Skytrain rapid transit system works on the honour system and reportedly has a pretty low rate of fair evaders, under 10 percent.

They're now equipping the system with fare gates, but there seems to be general agreement that the fare gate project is going to cost more than any additional fares it will collect, because the people who don't pay fares now will still find ways to avoid doing so with the fare gates.

Sure, there are plenty of dishonest people out there. But they're in the minority.

I think that use got it the wrong way around.

I have never in my entire life met a 100% honest person.

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