Crop Factor. Something to consider when buying a lens when you are shooting other than FF.

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Re: This is an interesting thread, but...

... if the all point is a matter of transparency in commercializing (e.g., advertising, justifying costs...) APS-C lenses, fine.

If, instead, the point is to explain that you need certain parameters to get good photos, I'm not on the same page.

I don't think there's someone stating that cropped is better than FF. Nobody is denying the advantages on having FF.

But there's some draw-backs. Size/bulk, costs... just for starting. Picking a cropped sensor camera over FF is not a choice done to get a better camera, but a choice to satisfy a number of parameters over some others. Provided that both FF and cropped cameras from today can give excellent results (if used by skilled hands), someone might prefer APS-C just because lighter or cheaper. That's it.

What counts is the real-world use of a camera. Personally, the only thing I'd really love of a FF setup would be the high-iso cleanness. This shallow DoF obsession, for instance, is not something that shakes me.



P.S.: I own a Minolta Rokkor 50mm f1.7, got on eBay for few bucks. I use it exclusively for portraiture, and that's fun and smooth on my Nex5N, thanks to a nice focus peaking implementation. Once, during my Christmas holidays in Italy, I took a picture of my wife while visiting Assisi in the evening. I shot both f1.7 and f2.8. I like the f2.8 better. Results are more important than the specs, IMHO.

If you compare strictly on equivalent terms, FF lenses are less expensive than mirrorless APS-C lenses. An 85/1,8 FF lens will cost 400-500$. An APSC 56/1,2 lens will cost 1000$.

Then, you can't compare a D800 to an X-T1. The D600 is closer to the X-T1's overall build quality., tough is an overall more robust camera despite more plastic in the design. I leave out A7 series because they are way behind the curve in nearly all benchmarks.

Price is not on the side of APS-C unless you compare entry level to entry level, but entry level FF is worlds better made than entry level APS-C.
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