a6000 new owner, confused and still learning

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Re: a6000 new owner, confused and still learning

You need to find some online tutorials and learn about photography. Your questions are equipment centric, and they should be photo centric. Why do I choose f11? Why is my picture blurry? What is the relationship between focal length and shutter speed? How to determine exposure? Stuff like that.




A local club or class can be a big help. Clubs often have monthly themes, contests and presentations that can be fun and educational. Having other photographers to bounce ideas off is good as well as shooting with a goal in mind. Photography can be a great hobby and sharing in a group setting is a good way to learn. Some clubs are great, some not so much, find one that works for you.

Buy a good bag for carrying the camera. Buy some lens tissue. Use your in camera sensor duster. Buy a lint free cloth for cleaning the camera and lcd. A UV or Sky filter can protect the front element. A lens shade is generally useful. There are other tools like a lens pen, and a rocket blower that are good to have. Read up on sensor care and cleaning.

Have fun!

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