Nikon D4s: Bayer processing breakthru?

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Re: Thanks to all: Nikon D4s: Bayer processing breakthru?

Here's anther example, using the resolution test images, followed by the Nikon D4 test image:

Original test image from raw image comparison in SD1 Merrill review.

The following image is the same image as above, but it was upscaled 300%, blurred with a Gaussian blur of 4x and 4y, and then downscaled back to original size. I saved with 99% quality to JPEG with no smothing, though if you added some smoothing you might get the Bayer pattern CFA look you're after.

SD1 Merrill test image (from raw image quality comparison) upscaled, blurred, and downscaled.

The two images above are larger than the image from the Nikon D4, which follows. I suggest opening all three in new tabs in your browser, zooming into the same spot on each, and then cycling through them to see the difference in clarity between each.

Take note how over-saturated the colors in the Nikon appear. (Maybe it's just me, but don't think it looks like neutral settings were used to export from View NX 2.)

Nikon D4 test image from raw comparison at SD1 Merrill review.

Over-saturating the image can look very nice. This should have been done with the Merrill image file, if that is indeed the intent of the author(s).

What do you see, when you look at the three images at 100% size? What are the differences?

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