Nikon D4s: Bayer processing breakthru?

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Re: Nikon D4s: Comparing the DPR test images

Tom Schum wrote:

Note to moderator: The studio shot comparison for the D4s won't allow me to select any Sigmas, so I can't easily compare them. It would be nice if DPR allowed this.

As it is, I have to bring up two different DPR sessions; one for the D4s and one for the Sigma SD1, and the test images are different and I can only select the D4 in the Sigma test image set, not the D4s. Any ideas here?

What I tried was to first compare the SD1 to the D4, then compare the D4 to the D4s. This works because a D4 test image is in both formats.

Juggling the various screens around, the D4 seems to be not as good as the D4s in terms of resolution, and the overall appearance of the D4s images seems more nearly at parity with the SD1 images in terms of sharpness, but maybe this is only because the D4s images have a little more contrast than the D4 images. The D4 and D4s images seem to me to have better color than the SD1 images.

I can read the small print in the D4s images and it is harder to read in the D4 images. The SD1 resolves the print well, too, but the D4s seems to be quite close to the SD1 in terms of clarity.

Just my subjective impressions.

I agree with you about the color from the SD1. It seems screwed up to me . . . but the photos from Foveon sensors often are "different" from photos produced by other camera. That's one thing I like about them. Maybe it's because I like to be different, but I like to think the Foveon sensors have an ability to capture/reproduce the colors of real life better than other sensors. Sometimes I think the Foveon sensor fails in that mission, but other times I am incredibly happy with its performance. I've seen inconsistency in color reproduction from other cameras too . . . my Sony A55, my Canon 5 D, my Nikon D5000, etc.

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