D400, finally?

Started Jun 5, 2014 | Discussions thread
Michael Senior Member • Posts: 1,012
Re: D400, finally?

>they already made one big mistake delaying it for so long.<

I agree. If Nikon can pop out consumer models every year ( or less)  with new technology why can't they do that with the D400 ??

If a D9300 comes out as a top end prosumer model, well then maybe it will be updated every year. Just a thought .

VadymA wrote:

yray wrote:

There are so many wrong choices Nikon can make designing this camera, I will be shocked if they somehow manage not to make them.

Hmm, initially I thought the opposite - Nikon has such a great predecessor to D400 that it is almost impossible to make any mistakes improving it. Of course, what do I know? This is Nikon; they already made one big mistake delaying it for so long.

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