What lens to take w/ my XT1 for backpacking trip to Europe?

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Re: What lens to take w/ my XT1 for backpacking trip to Europe?


I would take the 18-55 as the basic kit, and add the 14mm next if you definitely need a wider lens.  Don't forget that the 18mm end of the zoom is already reasonably wide, and that landscape doesn't have to be done with a WA lens only.  Even so, there's no doubt that the 14mm would be good for   architecture and interiors.....

After many years travel, often with a DSLR kit, I eventually found travel far more enjoyable if I 'lived' the travel and focused on being 'in the moment' rather than being focused on documenting it via photography.  If you're going for many weeks, it seems to me that the less you carry the better.

The 55mm end of the zoom is long enough for portraits, and the IQ is good for a zoom, but a serious portrait shooter would choose a faster prime like the 56mm or a legacy 50mm f1.4 with adapter if you need an inexpensive option.  Another longer option might be a small legacy 85mm f2 with an adapter.  That would also give you some reach, but would still be more gear to carry.

Filters - I'd take a 58mm CPL, and a 58mm +3 or +4 close up lens.  (The latter if close up interests you - you mentioned the macro.  Get a good multi-element one like the Raynox 250 or the Canon 250D.  They're a quite bit more expensive, and although they're not a lot sharper, they do offer far better performance in characteristics like CAs/color fringing, etc ).

Enjoy your trip,


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