The Sony A7s - Birders' dream camera?

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Don't agree at all

Alex P Scorsch wrote:

I think the Sony A7s would be the wildlife and bird photographer's dream camera. When the birds and animals are active it's usually about 6:00 am and relatively dark, especially in the rainforest were I often shoot. With the high ISO capabilities and the small apertures of long telephoto lenses this might be a great choice. One only has to decide if one wants to live with the relatively low pixel count. I think it would be worthwhile, even if adapters are in order for the "big guns".

Sorry - the closest thing Sony make to a 'Birders Dream Camera' is the A77II, though it still remains to be seen how effective this camera will be in practice when a few skilled people actually get one in their hands

The closest lenses Sony make to 'Birders Dream Lenses' are the 70-400GII and (for the very well-healed) the 500/4G...  both of which are A-mount!  The LA-EA2/4 adaptor is horrible when used in an application like this so an A-mount body is much preferable for use with them

Most people need *reach* from their equipment for photographing birds and that means APS-C sensors coupled with long, fast lenses

I am trying to use my NEX-5R+LA-EA2 with my 70-400G for photographing birds and looking forward eagerly to general availability of the A77II to replace the NEX body in this situation

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