Crop Factor. Something to consider when buying a lens when you are shooting other than FF.

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Re: What about medium format or larger?

caerphoto wrote:

The main flaw in your argument is that everything should be based around a 36×24mm frame as the ultimate standard.

If someone shoots APS-C and nothing else (as I do), 'full-frame equivalence' is entirely irrelevant to them. 18mm is moderate wideangle, 55mm is moderate telephoto, and 35mm is roughly 'normal'. I don't think of my Fuji 35/1.4 as a '50mm f/2 equivalent', I think of it as a 35mm f/1.4, a little long for the kind of shooting I like to do, but it renders out of focus backgrounds rather nicely.

Likewise, someone shooting large format film (5×4in) uses a 150mm lens as a 'normal'; there are no mental gymnastics done to convert apertures to their 135 equivalents, and Schneider and Rodenstock don't market their lenses as "150mm f/5.6 (50mm f/2)" (or whatever the actual numbers are; I don't really care).

i agree with you in part -- that one should mostly only consider what it relevant to oneself -- but not fully.  because (1) there is reason for a standard and (2) 36x24mm should be that standard

36x24mm has been a popular consumer photo format since most tv sets were still black & white :).

now (digital) cameras are price-differentiated on sensor size, but 135 was the film size for every consumer cam for half a century.

every billy bob susie and joe had a film camera in that format, so that's why it's codified as a standard:  we can all relate to it.  [large format shooters are clearly a niche for the enthusiast/professional who can work for themselves the FOV relationship]

i do remember buying my first (compact) digital camera.  it was marketed as having 3x digital zoom covering 35mm-105mm range.  and i understood and related to the view perfectly.  then i was the tiny single-digit FL marked on the lens and it completely miffed me.  but the f-stop values made sense as it related to shutter/iso

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