a6000 new owner, confused and still learning

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Re: a6000 new owner, confused and still learning

bargainfishing wrote:

So after I bought my a6000 with the selp1650 lens a few hours ago. I still need a lot to learn so hopefully someone here can tell me the best way to approach things.

Note: Im using kitlens selp1650

1.) How fast does it charge? 310 minutes in the manual or faster? Can you use the camera while connected via usb?

You can charge your battery and then use the camera even when the battery is not fully loaded. When you take a lot of pictures it is wisse to buy a second battery and an external loader. When you buy a none Sony  prices can be very low for them

2.) For waterfall photography or slow motion stuff ?

What settings or is the kit enough ?

The kit lens is good enoug. For getting those fuzzy water movement you need to use longer shutter speeds. You may need a gray filter when you are in the bright sun. A tripod can be a wise extr too (remember to set the OSS of in the menu)

3.) Should I use raw or jpeg? or raw jpeg ?

Well this all depends on the kind of pictures you take. When you are just learning your camera and not taking "serious"pictures JPG can be good enough, when you are taking pictures you like to use for large prints etc. then RAW is the best thing, in thos cases I always use RAW and JPEG. Buy an extra (large) memory card to store the pictures...

4.) What is a better lens that this kit one ? Something not that expensive. I saw some lenses in the sony store and it was around 450 usd the cheapest.

- E mount lenses dont use an adapter right ?

E-mount lenses don't need an adapter. The best thing you can do is using the kit lens for some time, take a lot of pictures and look what you like best. Do you miss some FL (do you need more tele, or more Wide Angle lenses), or do you need more light all this you learn in a few weeks or months, so try it and look then what lenses are best for you

I want a better lens that the kit one in the future , something that can do landscape , portrait or even macro. If it improves the quality like 30 to 50 percent the better.

Better lenses are very nice but often to get a 30% better lens you have to pay 3x the price...

5.) The sensor, should I clean it from time to time or use the dust shake function? Dude from store told me to use microfiber or cotton lol.

Only clean the sensor when you see strange darker "dots" in the sky (you can try every now and then to close down apperture to f11 or smaller and take a picture of the blue sky or a white wall and look for spots). If spots appear you can try to clean the sensor with a rocket blower, or with special sensor cleaning equiptment, don't use other stuff on the sensor. You can also ask the shop where you got the camera to clean the sensor for you.

6.) Bokeh stuff >


7.) How do you store the camera, put it in the cloth and inside the camera bag ? Or is it fine leaving it in a table or something. I'm worred about dust affecting the internal components.

Dust gets in your camera during the use of it. When you change lenses you can hold your camera with the lens down, so dust can't fall in the camera. But when zooming in and out (or activating the pancake 16-50mm zoom lens) dust is sucked in the camera, so there will always come dust in your camera no matter what you do... storing in a camera bag should be good enough, it makes your camera better protected then just leaving it on a table, not oly protected against dust, but als protected against drinks that fall  on the table or the camera can get kicked of the table by accident...

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