a6000 new owner, confused and still learning

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Re: a6000 new owner, confused and still learning

bargainfishing wrote:

So after I bought my a6000 with the selp1650 lens a few hours ago. I still need a lot to learn so hopefully someone here can tell me the best way to approach things.

Note: Im using kitlens selp1650

1.) How fast does it charge? 310 minutes in the manual or faster? Can you use the camera while connected via usb?

Feels like it takes for ever! My advice is to get a second battery…even a non sony battery as a back up.

2.) For waterfall photography or slow motion stuff ?

for stills I would use a tripod and use a small aperture i.e f8 - f16 to get the shutter to slow down. Or use shutter priority and play with the shutter speed till you get the effect your after. I recommend one of those small "table top" tripods. I use the ultrapod II but theres lots out there. Easy to put in your bag. Use the countdown timer i the camera or get a cheap remote.

What settings or is the kit enough ?

The kit lens can do lots especially in daytime and where you use medium apetures. I like my kit lens. I  tend to use the SEL1650 or the SEL35f18 most of the time.

3.) Should I use raw or jpeg? or raw jpeg ?

I use raw only but if you are just starting I recommend raw and jpg setting. U can then compare the difference. If your going to by a CSC camera you might as well use its potential. Get a raw software I use lightroom which has profiles for the A6000 but most are good.

4.) What is a better lens that this kit one ? Something not that expensive. I saw some lenses in the sony store and it was around 450 usd the cheapest.

- E mount lenses dont use an adapter right ?

I want a better lens that the kit one in the future , something that can do landscape , portrait or even macro. If it improves the quality like 30 to 50 percent the better.

E and FE lenses will fit your A6000 without adapter. A cheap, fast and sharp E mount lens is the SEL50f18 selling for $250-$299 in my country. I find the SEL35f18 a better focal length but it is a bit dearer. Also if you want to same money and get speciallised lenses buy some only manual legacy lenses esp an old macro or "fast 50". Nice bokeh.

5.) The sensor, should I clean it from time to time or use the dust shake function? Dude from store told me to use microfiber or cotton lol.

Don't touch it till theres stuff on the sensor to worry about.

6.) Bokeh stuff >


7.) How do you store the camera, put it in the cloth and inside the camera bag ? Or is it fine leaving it in a table or something. I'm worred about dust affecting the internal components.

Keep it in a camera bag. I bought the crumpler 'mild enthusiast' and use it as my work bag so I always have a camera with me. There are plenty of good messenger type bags that don't look like camera bags and it carries my wallet, phone etc etc…ITS NOT A MAN BAG!  : )

Enjoy your camera! I am a beginner too. You can learn alot on this forum but don't get too caught up in the technical stuff. Better to join a local camera club and concentrate on the craft rather than the gear. At my camera club people don't talk about the gear much at all…they ask how a shot was taken not what camera was used.


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