Warning to EM-1 users :sunshine into EVF can create indeletable blotches, as confirmed by Olympus.

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Re: No, the viewfinder is not a magnifying glass...

jharvey wrote:

... at least not in the way some people here seem to be thinking of it, which appears to be drawn from childhood memories of focusing a small, intense point of light on an object with a magnifying glass by holding it (and this is the important part) several inches above said object.

See this post by Anders W:


The LCD screen is simply too close to the glass to have anything near this effect, and a better analogy would be window, rather than magnifying glass. Granted, it does increase the image size slightly, and can be diopter-corrected to some degree, but if you've ever tried starting a fire by holding a pair of eyeglasses half a centimeter from a piece of paper, you would have been there all day and had a cold night.

This is an effect of commonly found magnifying glasses having relatively long FL, and nothing else. There is no law saying that no lens can focus light at a short distance. You just need a lens with a small FL. This kind of magnifying lens is however pretty useless for helping with reading, hence don't get made in large numbers for children to have a chance to play with.

As I mentioned above, I've carried my EM-5 for years in such a way that every time I happen to be walking with my back to the sun, that sun will be shining into my viewfinder, and I've never had a problem. (And neither have the owners of most EVF-equipped cameras, judging by other comments here.) So there's got to be something more at play here than 'magnifying glass effect' and/or 'any sun should be avoided.'

Not enough evidence to support the assertion. "Something else at play" could be that the other VF's had display panels less affected by somewhat high temperatures caused by focused sunlight, or better reflective protection, etc.

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