Nikon D4s: Bayer processing breakthru?

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Re: Thanks to all: Nikon D4s: Bayer processing breakthru?

I don't believe the D4s will come close at pixel level. There likely something amiss in the results you've seen.

I'm also a bit sceptical about Sigma's 2:1 claim; that reads like marketing to me even though it's the rue of thumb everyone seems to accept.

If I were going to accept anyone's simplified view of the comparison, I would choose Norman Koren (owner of Imatest). Back right when the SD9 was still new, he predicted on theoretical grounds that Foveon would be worth about 1.5x Bayer pixels.  That would pitch the Merrill sensor in with the 24MP class Bayers.  It's not an exact match, we know Bayer resolution varies and aliasing and anti-aliasing confound the comparisons but it appears to be in the ball park.

I've just received an email to say my DP2M is shipping and expected to be here on Monday. I know I swore I would never get one of these but now I have had my rush of blood moment due to an over-exciting debate on this very forum, I find I'm quite anticipating putting it through its paces.

Of all the people pushing the Foveon in recent years, the one that has had the biggest influence on me is Quentin Bargate. Quentin is a former forum pal from the Kodak (and possibly Olympus) forums a dozen years ago and I know for sure he is not a fanboy type.  He's a 10x8 viewcamera and drum scanner in his spare room type of guy and if he raving about the Dp2M (even going as far as calling it the best ever digital camera) then I listen. If you read his postings and see his photos, it's clear he thinks there is something special about the camera that is more than jsut resolution. Enough that he doesn't care about the flaws or inconvenience. You expect this attitude from fanboys, but not Quentin.

Looking forward to trying it next week (even though I know I'll hate using it!).

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