VR + AF-ON Button?

Started Jun 5, 2014 | Questions thread
Tuanglen Junior Member • Posts: 40
Re: VR + AF-ON Button?

Lance B (or anyone), are you sure the shutter release button activates VR, regardless of which button focuses and regardless of whether your focus is single or continuous? I want it to be true, and it makes sense, because you would get full advantage from your VR regardless of how you focused as long as you used the shutter release to take the picture and didn't fire your first shot too quickly (giving the VR a moment to stabilize).

But how do you know it works that way? I also haven't seen it documented anywhere. I also wonder if you lose VR if you shoot handheld using the timer. In other words, to avoid shaking the camera with your finger motion, you set the timer to 2 sec, fire the shutter, relax and hold very still, and the shutter releases. It would be nice if that technique for holding a little steadier didn't cancel your VR privileges, making it worse than useless for a VR lens, but I don't know enough about how VR works to tell.

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