a6000 new owner, confused and still learning

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Re: a6000 new owner, confused and still learning

bargainfishing wrote:

So after I bought my a6000 with the selp1650 lens a few hours ago. I still need a lot to learn so hopefully someone here can tell me the best way to approach things.

Note: Im using kitlens selp1650

1.) How fast does it charge? 310 minutes in the manual or faster? Can you use the camera while connected via usb?

2.) For waterfall photography or slow motion stuff ?

What settings or is the kit enough ?

3.) Should I use raw or jpeg? or raw jpeg ?

I suggest raw+JPG. You may not do anything with the raw files right now, but in a year or two when you have more experience, you will be able to come back to them and turn good shots into masterpieces.

4.) What is a better lens that this kit one ? Something not that expensive. I saw some lenses in the sony store and it was around 450 usd the cheapest.

- E mount lenses dont use an adapter right ?

I want a better lens that the kit one in the future , something that can do landscape , portrait or even macro. If it improves the quality like 30 to 50 percent the better.

You want a better lens in the future, but I suggest you use the camera with just the kit lens for a few weeks. Get to know it well before you start branching out.

5.) The sensor, should I clean it from time to time or use the dust shake function? Dude from store told me to use microfiber or cotton lol.

Don't clean it unless you absolutely have to. Then, use only special sensor cleaning kit. This is seldom necessary.

Usually all you need is a puff from a Rocket Blower. Get one.

6.) Bokeh stuff >


7.) How do you store the camera, put it in the cloth and inside the camera bag ? Or is it fine leaving it in a table or something. I'm worred about dust affecting the internal components.

Dust will only get in if you are careless when changing lenses. Just remember to point the camera downward and it will be OK.

Do put the lens cap on when not shooting. It is fine to leave the camera on the table, unless you have small kids or a pet monkey.

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