Nikon D4s: Bayer processing breakthru?

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Re: a masterful understatement

DMillier wrote:

I think any form of objective measurement that is reliable and repeatable is helpful.

The trouble is, review sites probably don't operate to the same standards of competence as a professional scientist publishing in a prestigious journal nor are their results peer reviewed. Anything could go wrong and no one would be checking. Even if you have no agenda, anyone can make a blunder.

On the other hand, they could also be 100% correct, just because you may not like the results doesn't automatically mean they are wrong...

can't really disagree, except....  With any complex device / system  there are so very many different "things" which might be measured and compared.  Regardless of a reviewer's capabilities they make decisions about what to measure.  Are these the correct decisions?

I seldom if ever see that the measured items are some sort of desirable output...a print or an interesting image.  Rather the measurements are plotted on graphs or in spreadsheets, surrounded in a verbose and often uninformed manner.

Thus my statement about an understatement.  Regardless of how objective and scientifically correct the comparisons (and I doubt each) they never seem to help determine how a camera will work for me.  How will it fit my hand?  How will it fit my style?  How will it fit my speed?  How does it work with my ideas about composition, art, beauty, interestingness?  These are the real reasons people own cameras.  To think that charts, pictures of brick walls, or fuzzy images of line pairs somehow works out to be "Wow! That's a great picture" is a sad disillusion.

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