D800 AF Fine Tune, help with strange behavior

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D800 AF Fine Tune, help with strange behavior


I have been trying to AF fine tune my lenses with LensAlign and FocusTune. I am having a strange behavior on my D800 when doing the small increment test where you shot 5 shots each at consecutive AF tune values, such as -5, -4, -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, and wanted to see if others have experienced this and if there are any workarounds. The issue is happening on multiple lenses.

The lens tested was my nikon 24-120 f/4 at 24mm, I am shooting in manual mode at f4, sp of 500 and ISO 1600. I shoot tethered into Lightroom so that I can see that my alignment is very good and I do not have to pop the disk in an out of the camera and PC. For each shot I defocus a little towards the close side, followed by a press of the AF-On button to focus. I use mirror up and a remote trigger, both camera and chart are on tripods, I have set the WB on the camera at 5260 (the light I am using is a 150watt CFLs at 5200k).

Here is a picture of my setup:

I am going to include snapshots of my FocusTune reports below.

The first image will be of the large increment shots, where you test 5 shots each for AF tune values of -20, -15, -10, -5, 0, 5, 10, 15 and 20. With this course test it returns a nice chart with zero line accuracy of almost a 96% and very little shot deviation (12.4) and -5 is at zero with almost no deviation.

The second image is of the consecutive AF tune values of -10 through 0. As you can see the zero line accuracy is 66% and the shot deviation is 107. I used the same testing procedure, the only difference I see is that I went consecutively from -10 to -9 to -8, to -7, etc, instead of the jump from -20 to -15 to -10 etc as in the first test.

This third image uses the same testing procedure except that I staggered the AF tune setting, so I shot -9 followed by -5 then -8, then -4, then -7 then -3, then -6. The results are better with zero line accuracy at 97%, but the shot deviation stills seems bad at 97.7.

I would appreciate and input you can provide.



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