Crop Factor. Something to consider when buying a lens when you are shooting other than FF.

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Re: LOL then how do you explain...

b0k3h wrote:

Mikess1 wrote:

full frame less noise in low light because it gathers more light what is the argument here?!?!?

1. for equivalent total pixel count since smaller pixels (=higher density) means lower SNR given fixed noise background.

1a. thats why low light A7 champ is the 12mp A7s version, not the A7r

1b. generation thing, any FF from a few generations back will get dusted by today's 1" or 4/3 for noise

1c. doesnt matter to 98% of the photography population

this is a pointless paper argument relevant to noone. if the limitation of your photography is indeed your sensor, a D610 is pretty close in price to the X-T1 and i suggest you upgrade.

i was just trying to help out i absolutely love my XT-1 i am relatively new to photography so i know of today's cameras and a full frame camera will do better in low light this argument is stupid

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