The Panny 14mm as a walk-around lens -- you can't go back

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Re: Question....and ...Any sample shots?

photofan1986 wrote:

Well, my copy at least is very sharp in a large central area wide open, and only improves very marginally when stopped down. The extreme borders and corners are somewhat soft, but it's acceptable. The 14mm 2.5 is less sharp in the center, but the extreme corners are less soft. I am talking 12-14mm here. Once zoomed in, the lens becomes very even across the frame actually. The wide angle position is the weakest on this lens.
However, there is another thing I noticed: The 12-32 suffers field curvature more than my other lenses. So in real life, I sometimes get blurred borders. But I'm not sure if my copy is optimal.

Interesting. I don't know; I am continuously reading complaints about the 14/2.5 but I like mine. It focuses instantly and is very sharp to my eyes, but I don't pixel peep the corners. And of course it ultra-portable. I think it good also to have an extra stop of speed compared to a kit lens.

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