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Re: NEX continuous mode for sequences

Bo Selegda wrote:

I´m a bit worried about the absence of a touchscreen though. Is it a big disadvantage not having the ability to zoom into selected image sections when focusing with manual lenses?

I don't - but I'll be honest and say I've never liked using touch screens for this anyway - even on my NEX-5N I had the touch screen disabled, and used the jog wheel.

I mean the “MF assistant” still zooms in, but only into the center? So you need to…

1. Centre what you want to focus

2. Then focus with MF assist

3. Wait for MF assist to go away and

4. move the camera back to the view you want

It's actually a little more controllable than that.  First off, you can set the MF assist to trigger when the manual focus dial is turned with e-mount lenses, or you can set it to a specific button so it only triggers when you want it to.  You can set it to automatically turn off after a limit of seconds which you choose in the menu, or to stay on indefinitely until you turn it back off.

As for where it focuses, it 'starts' by zooming in on center, but while it's in magnify mode, you can move the 4-way jog wheel in any direction and move the zoomed in area anywhere on the screen...once in the position you want, you manually focus, and fire the shutter - no recomposing needed.  Rather than touching the screen with your finger, you just use the 4-way pad to maneuver the zoomed area to where you want - it moves fast when you hold it down, so I never feel inhibited in any way using it like be honest, if I'm using MF assist to magnify and fine tune focus, 1/4 second gained by using a touch screen won't do me any good at all, since I won't be shooting a moving target or something in a rush.  I only use MF assist for a closeup, macro, or still scene, where I have the luxury of time to sit and fine tune my focus with the magnifier.  If I'm in a rush, I don't use MF assist at all - I use peaking.

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