A55 Random mode changes

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Re: A55 Random mode changes

Thanks for all your effort and replies.  I guess Greg Beetham has touched the right button.  The electronics were probably zapped somehow - its possible even some moisture has got in and shorted out some of the circuit board pathways at some stage - I have used the camera a number of times for weeks on end in very hot and very humid conditions in South East Asia - jungles and the like.  I have pretty sweaty hands (ugh - too much information there!)  and well I suppose I can't complain too much.

I have had some bloody great photos out of it (well I think they are) and it still kinda works.  But we are off to Africa in a few months on Safari and I don't want to miss out.

Now wheres the wife.  Maybe dinner in a nice cafe somewhere tomorrow?  Whats that?  Yes dear. Ill have to get a new camera.  Sweetie?  Sweetie?  Come back!....

A65's are actually pretty good at the moment.  In Oz we can get a new body only for about $560.00.  Better get going.  her's hoping.  Thanks again, Guys.

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