For portraits: 70 lmt or 77 lmt or 100 macro?

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Re: For portraits: 70 lmt or 77 lmt or 100 macro?


I own the 70mm ltd and the 100WR, but not the 77mm Ltd.

I'm not a bokeh connoisseur, but I think the bokeh of my 100WR is probably smoother than my 70 Ltd. From posts by others of the 77mm, it may well be the pick of the bunch for combination of portrait FL and bokeh, particularly if you like a slightly longer lens (on APSC).

In terms of FL, the FOV of the 100WR is noticeably longer than the 70mm - equivalent to a 150mm on FF. Though a bit long, I used to quite like 135mm lenses for casual portraits at weddings and gatherings.  The 150mm equivalent (on APSC) is probably getting a bit long.

Many people comment about the long focus throw of the 100WR and a long slow traverse if it doesn't lock straight away. I don't actually find that the 100WR hunts a lot, despite the fact that it doesn't have a limiter. I can induce it to hunt by trying to make the camera AF from very close focus to a much more distant focus. And if I do, yes the traverse of the whole range is long and slow. However, that's predictable as the outcome of an exercise and just plain pointless in reality. I find the lens quick to AF if the setting is in the right ball park and quite OK as a general purpose telephoto lens.

Regards, Rod

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