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Re: View finder debris

Derma pro wrote:

I have a nikon D5100 4 months old and approx 600 shots the majority of which were indoor. I minimally changed lenses under strictly indoor conditions and usually very rapidly without leaving the lens opening open more than 3 seconds.
I doubted about presence of pin point dot at 12 o' clock and made little blowing of the mirror and the AF screen very gently. Unfortunately I noticed some little cloudy effect after. I went to the local dealer. He made some blowing and swab the mirror and the AF screen. The cloudy spots disappeared but a new dot which is larger than the original onè I tried to remove. I was told it is up in the pentamirror area which may need opening the camera to clean or replace the view finder!
The photos when viewed on the laptop screen 100% do not show this dot. After receiving the camera the dot moved from just to the right of the upper middle focus point to a little below this focus point approx between it and the central focus point.

Had this problem a few months ago, and was heavily disheartened.  After some advice from this site, decided it was better to live with it & try to get at the debris & risk more expensive damage.

Routinely use the rocket blower when changing lenses, and a week or two after the problem surfaced it was gone.

Bottom Line: Have OCD?  Unless you either want to pay someone else, or you are really confident that you can clean it yourself, live it.

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