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Pentax is a global name — please accept that

shutterbud wrote:

Hi all

I'm thinking long and hard about my upgrade and so far have posted a thread in the Leica forum and devoured all the info I have on the Panny GH4. I like the look and feel of the K3 but am havng a hard time finding the lens I want to match it with. I recently read a review of the 31mm ltd from Vietnam which lead me to believe there is a problem with non-Japanese production. My main genre is street, so I want a normal, fast prime and possibly a mid-length zoom for general work. I am prepared to adjust my style to own a Leica but if I am going for a DLSR I would want to continue with fast AF and all the other benefits of the format. I was hoping for a Pentaxian alternative. Is Pentax still making good lenses and if so what are they and what do I have to look out for?


Current Pentax lenses are designed in Japan and made in Vietnam. Pentax cameras are designed in Japan too, but manufactured in Philippines. Some bits and pieces are manufactured in Japan too, some elsewhere.

There was never a quality issue regarding the place of manufacture of a certain component of a Pentax system. If some believe Japan-made FA Ltd lenses are better than Vietnam-made FA Ltd lenses, is seriously deceived. On the other hand, we can identify that there was some design / procurement issue that originated in Japan: for example (flash) metering inside some old Pentax cameras. It was a hardware / component issue, never a manufacturing issue. Also, if there is a software issue, it is also a Japanese design issue, never a manufacturing issue. And so on.

Like Leica's products, Pentax products are manufactured up to high standards of quality and reliability, no matter where they were manufactured. If we go that far to compare one production to another, there was less issues with Pentax products manufactured in Vietnam (lenses) than with Fujifilm's cameras and lenses made and assembled in Japan. (take X100 as an example).

Thus if I were you, I would not worry about the place of manufacture. Pentax is a global brand, and to serve its users worldwide, sometimes it is better and wiser that the manufacture is not located in one place: imagine if all manufacture were in Japan, and imagine one catastrophic earthquake happening there, which could wipe out the brand worldwide for several years. Or maybe forever.

The system is built to withstand the extremes of climates and weather, it is robust and enjoyable to use on everyday basis. To all discerning users, that should be primary concern.

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