Warning to EM-1 users :sunshine into EVF can create indeletable blotches, as confirmed by Olympus.

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Re: You cannot magically suppress the sun's energy!

babalu wrote:

Thanks, Maya, agree with you.
I may add that I have not yet received an intelligible TECHNICAL explanation from Olympus as to the real cause of the problem, nor an explanation of whether this problem can occur also when the camera is SWITCHED OFF, for example when carried on a backpack or with the strap and the back of the camera pointing upward and thus eventually exposing the EVF eyepiece to the sunshine. Once again: all I was told by the Olympus customer service (in rather faulty German), was that they confirm that the EVF can get damaged resulting in blotches if the eyepiece is exposed to incoming sunshine, and that in order to avoid that, the EVF should be "somehow" protected from such exposures.
When and if I get a proper technical information, I will certainly share it here.

What exactly do you want to hear from Olympus? We all can imagine that strong sunlight, bundled by the EFV's optics, can cause damage to the EVF panel. So can Olympus.

If and when the damage actually occurs, may depend on many factors: intensity and arrival angle of the sunlight (obviously), environmental temperature, and the scene that is displayed in the EVF (on, off, dark, bright). So Olympus' suggestion to avoid sunlight entering the EVF eyepiece sounds reasonable to me.

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