Perhaps Goodbye Lumix 20mm f/1.7 (Type I); Hello, New Prime; Choices?

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Perhaps Goodbye Lumix 20mm f/1.7 (Type I); Hello, New Prime; Choices?

I"ve posted here before, and fairly recently, about my imminent purchase to move from my quite functional GX1 to, finally, an M43 with an incorporated viewfinder. have no defense; I've simply grown weary of the otherwise pretty good off- and on-the GX1 again VF-2. As a dual kit guy, I continue to use my Nikon DSLR and lenses when the occasion calls, likewise the Panasonic when other occasions, e.g., travel, call.

With a lot of good advice and somewhat disturbing warnings both on this DPR forum and that other forum which cannot be identified in this DPR forum, I've narrowed my choices to the GX7 and the Olympus E-M1, and continue to worry just a bit about various persistent issues (that may have no relevance to the actual use of either camera) like blotches created by sunlight sneaking its way into viewfinders; tiny, tunnel-like viewfinders; purple fringing; power off and on problems, etc.
Nonetheless, I'm really going to make a final selection in not more than one week.

Now to the lens puzzle. Whichever of the two excellent top of the line cameras I select, and because I've spent measurable time with sales personnel in both brick-and-mortar camera stores in my community, I'm definitely going to purchase my choice at retail in one or the other of the two stores, and part of the purchase (which is also essential to its affordability for me) will be a trade-in of my seldon-used Nikkor 24-120mm f/4 VR lens, and the sale or trade-in of my GX1 plus VF-2.

If I trade in the GX1 it's really just a question of whether I can get a significantly better price by selling it directly. If, instead of trading in the GX1, I sell it after the fact of my new purchase, and if the new camera is the GX7, (I intend in that case to purchase the black model with the included kit 14-42), I'll include that kit lens with the GX1 sale and retain my current Lumix 20mm f/1.7 for use with the GX7. Of course, I'd also retain the 20mm to use with the E-M1 if that's my purchase choice.

If, instead of tradiing in the GX1, I sell it before the new puchase, I think I'd include the 20mm Lumix to make the GX1 more salable; in that case I'll be looking for a new "normal" prime to replace the 20mm, and that new lens would be used with either of a new GX1 or new E-M1.

If a new normal prime is in my near future, and for me a normal prime would range in focal length from, say, 17mm to 25mm (34mm to 50mm equivalents) and I'd want at least a minimum aperture of not less than f/1.8, what might be some logical choices, with a preference for those that would perform with equal facility on either the E-M1 or the GX7?

Jim Mohundro

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