For portraits: 70 lmt or 77 lmt or 100 macro?

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For portraits: 70 lmt or 77 lmt or 100 macro?

I have been considering getting one of the above for portraiture (I have 50mm covered with 1.4 and 1.8). So it will be a new 70 / 100 macro or used 77, this would pretty much equal out investment.
I am concretely interested in wide open performance (I now it gets too thin for practical purposes, but thats another matter).
I ran all three through a DOF calculator wide open with 4 meters for the 70/77 and 5 meters for the 100mm for a similar framing. The 70 and 100 gain similar enough figures at these distances with the 77 having a thinner DOF.
I am pretty sure I will be happiest with the 77, but it will be a long wait till one comes up used. The 70 seems nice, the 100 is macro+wr - not to be underestimated.

So my questions boil down to:
- how special is the 77 for you?
- which of the three has the best sharpness wide open (not necessarily a good thing for portraits)?
- is the macro a viable portrait lens (obviously it is usefull as a macro which I will likely need as well)?
- macro bokeh quality in non macro scenarios?

Many thanks in advance.
Just so you know how good/bad I am at this.

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